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Schools Out For Tha Weeknd

_ how was everyones week at school? well today senoirs last Week! ;[ haha* well anyways congrats to brooke on making cheerleading thats real good :o)
anyways ppl are goin to tha movies by what i haerd but i wasnt invited! hmm..umm allison wanted me too go but i had other plans before to go bowling with liz! hmm.i feel kinda bad! btu i'll ask her if she'd liek to go bowling! maybe she could do that!that would be great funn! awh- me and allsion*s journal looks cute Cute cute! hmmm.Monday is caitlins b-day! awh- soo cute! nto good for* zac! ;]
well today was funn! i was jus hyper maybe form those energy drinks* nat. haha* memebr w/scottie are you sure i cant have anythign but candy and soda! are you sure now!?! and he was wrong he didnt say energy drinks! ahah* i was off tha wall! whoa! well i dunno but i am goin to tha purple and white game w/lolo and allison dude! thats gunna be funn! haha* i planned ahead for once! umm me and liz *maybe allison* will have funn tonight bowling!
well i dunno what all to tlka bout cpt' i am connected to jessica houpy! lol* we did that on purpose in our fifth pd. alst semester! haha* what crack ups! anyways this is boring right now! i'll update later tonight! well i g/g! Chow <3`
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