Lil Ma`* (perfectt) wrote,
Lil Ma`*

First Entry

hey everyone~!
as you noe or as you dont noe i made a new journal..i still have i_sparkle..but i'll be using this more..ohk.! thnx for those who already liked and commented on my journal..i did it all by myself..i am* steffie your Great should i be Lil_Playa.Lil_pimp. ohh Lil_whodi..thats me..ah ha* love yas Babe <3*
well i ma gunna do my user info and all that good stuff whenevr i ahve time i wont be on towmarrow dont worry it'll get done some time..i am gunna go to bed Luv <3*
bka; Blond Bombshell`*
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AWAWAW!! i was in ur j0urnaL<3 yay* i feel the love!*- hehe. i know im a d0rk but ohh well. ttyl

x0 x0 -loves-
|[ lil whodi ]|
hey i like ur new lj. i added you. add me back plz ;D



April 12 2002, 00:58:55 UTC 16 years ago

perfect.. yeah right.. you f*ckin wish.



April 12 2002, 12:14:19 UTC 16 years ago

hey everyone that commented nicely in my journal..thnx dudettez! well whoevr that Lil'Hater is..i have somehting to tell you..i might not be Perfect but if you look at tha name it has TWO (2) t's that obviously isnt spelt right so that obviously menas i am not perfect..and huni* this is jus a name dont get yourself worked up bout it` b-cz who gives a f*ck if i am or not..but one thing shines tho. you obviously pay-attention to me enough to write bout me..soo i must be pretty perfect for that..and another thing dont talk bout ppl when they can say tha same for you..whoevr you doesnt matter but you rnt perfect b-cz if you were you'd have enough skills and guts to wirte your name dont start....and you can keep talkin shit..but if you really want that shit to get thru. my head say it to my face..then we'll see if it'll go thru.mine or yours..and if you keep tlakin shit your doin me and my gurls a favor..your ammusing us w/your pathitic lil'self and all your lil comments!
love always
Perfett Banna`*

Re: Hater


April 14 2002, 13:21:30 UTC 16 years ago

I wouldn't flatter yourself so much.