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Lil Ma`*'s Journal

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Geez Louise!   
03:35pm 14/05/2002
  my journal is all messed up and wont let me log on soo i'll update lata when they fix it :o)
<3` Chow
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Schools Out For Tha Weeknd   
02:49pm 10/05/2002
mood: rushed
_ how was everyones week at school? well today senoirs last Week! ;[ haha* well anyways congrats to brooke on making cheerleading thats real good :o)
anyways ppl are goin to tha movies by what i haerd but i wasnt invited! hmm..umm allison wanted me too go but i had other plans before to go bowling with liz! hmm.i feel kinda bad! btu i'll ask her if she'd liek to go bowling! maybe she could do that!that would be great funn! awh- me and allsion*s journal looks cute Cute cute! hmmm.Monday is caitlins b-day! awh- soo cute! nto good for her..lol* zac! ;]
well today was funn! i was jus hyper maybe form those energy drinks ..lol* nat. haha* memebr w/scottie are you sure i cant have anythign but candy and soda! are you sure now!?! and he was wrong he didnt say energy drinks! ahah* i was off tha wall! whoa! well i dunno but i am goin to tha purple and white game w/lolo and allison dude! thats gunna be funn! haha* i planned ahead for once! umm me and liz *maybe allison* will have funn tonight bowling!
well i dunno what all to tlka bout cpt' i am connected to jessica houpy! lol* we did that on purpose in our fifth pd. alst semester! haha* what crack ups! anyways this is boring right now! i'll update later tonight! well i g/g! Chow <3`
I Yi Yi`
03:43pm 08/05/2002
mood: naughty
hey guys+ gals!
well how are you/ hmm i am doin great cpt' for my masive headache! geez louise its pounding! uhh!
well i am listenin to b2k YeS SiReE! well today was funn! umm i had to get pic's of jordan for rosie it was soo funny! and poor baby brianna lost jeff;[ but he was found soon later*ha :o) well umm i am gunna get no sleep my lil sisters friends are all spending tha night tonight! uhhh and geez housefull!
well ummm school was okay! 1st pd i slept! whoa 2nd i slept! and tlaked to amy and michelle and amy wants me to make a sn like LilMa` b-cz she luvv calling ME that! haha its cute! well anyway i think i'll make a AIM one! btu umm 3rd was okay i copied notes for once and turned in a paper on time! wow! 4th pd we had ballet! how much funn!* na-its annoying..lol..and in 5th i had to run a freggin mile for liek tha fifth millionth time! and 6th i slept* geez louise i was a sleepy girl todya thats for sure! and omg it was soo funny i saw becky and she had my shirt on and i dunno what i was doin but i go nice shirt silly goose and she started cracking up..amy said its b-cz i wasnt with it tha whole day! but who noes!! well i have not much to tlak bout i may go bowling friday w/lizzie! that'll be funn! yea
well i dunno but i am soo ready to go shopping but i dunno b-cz we dont have lots of school left so i guess i could do but i am dying not buyin clothes or shoes! speaking of shoes i am buying two sandals i dont care what anyone says! btu i ahve them in black and they are real chuny w/ tha thong kinda strap* ha(not tha under garments thingy)but i want them in White and Beige so i could wear them w/ my bathing suit and all my cute shorts and everyhting! and i jus luvv shoes! i have soo many cute ones i am soo addicted..i luvv my THUG SHOES alot! and my blck shoes w/ hearts on them! uhh jus adorable! and i rocks b-cz none of my friends can borrow them and have a chance to break them or loose them or whatevr happens b-cz i wear a 4 and 5 and nobody thats my friend has that size cpt' for jessi maybe! haha* well i am gunna go but everyone need to go to bay-oaks next weeknd or tha COOL PPL b-cz me and allison lupski suggested red rover b-cz we are tha worlds greatest and scottie is letting us play* see i am bringing my video camara for that event! well i g/g*
Or Lil Ma`_lol* AMY My Sexy Mami
I Yi Yi`
03:47pm 07/05/2002
mood: happy
Hey everyone~! how is everyhting going?
sorry i havent written i ahve been super busy! yeh thats pretty sad not even enough time to ypdate my LJ for a couple of mins. geez louise things Gurls have to do these days huh?
well i hope everyone hads been okay and fine lately!
Pleas post comments in ym LJ that would be lovely!
well today was a great day! b-cz of things that went on yesterday and today ;] well not even goin into yesterday! btu today jessica said Hi to me and i was liek uprised and i said Hi back yanno! and i am soo happy that we acutally tlaked botu everyhting and got what we tho. was i dunno a fight cleared up and tha funny thing was we nevr had a ACTUAL fight..we jus stopped tlaking b-cz i guess tha both of us assumed tha othe one was mad! thats kinda funny now we are all good agian and talking! it makes me happy b-cz jessica is a sweet sweet gurl and we found otu alot bout ecah toher in jus one semester ;] and we had gotten tha closest out of anyone in our 5th pd. and we had fun chillin togehter i mean i consider her one of my very good friends! exp.sinnce we had only met each other in highschool and didnt even noe each other in middle school! i am glad we are friends agian and i ahve her too talk too bout things and she has me! well i g/g*
Chow <3`

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1 <3`* | I Yi Yi`
05:39pm 02/05/2002
  thnx lots courtney! i luvv ya! umm i cant tlak right now and i dunno if i'll be able to update b-cz i am goin to beckys party towmarrow and then to orlando! yippie..ttul i g/g*
Chow <3*
I Yi Yi`
03:41pm 02/05/2002
mood: determined
hey, its d0rkkie!

perfectt: uhm, this is how it looks with the b0x because of the way your layout was set up. i dont know how it got like that but its wicked awesome! you have to teach me how you did that okay? =) i.m me sometime. and ill fix your journal for you if u tell me how, m`kay? <33

I Yi Yi`
hey yo   
03:36pm 22/04/2002
mood: accomplished
hey banna :o it's kati -teheh- dont ya just love your journal now? yess i know you do :x well just droppin to say waddup. ttyl. bye yo <3
I Yi Yi`
03:23pm 22/04/2002
  erhm. i have a headache! kati is doin my journal its gunna be cuteness! hula hula hula !

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I Yi Yi`
07:55pm 19/04/2002
mood: energetic
hey wassup!?!

its friday already..gezz! well banna* has gotta plan..i am soo bad at this junk* gezz..well i am really hyper Hyper Kitty ha8 well i dunno wha all to say but gezz this weeknd is gunna be GREAT..its gunna be a balst be chillin w/everyone..my Gurl Jessie is at tha movies tonight ;] aight she wont be havin as much fun unless i was there we'd be soo Great goin round crakin on ppl and shit~ she is A Great Gurl! me and her have husbands that are bess friends mine is (mannie fresh) and hers is (baby) well even tho. i am inluv w/ my baby Fizz` thats aight! i talked to Stefferz today she is a sweetheart <3* Lil' Whodi
well i guess i could give a daily update thingy!

1st- Umm..watched a video i tlkaed to devon! thats bout it..yupp!

2nd- ah ha* we went to mrs. akinsons room (howevr its spelt) and we played a game me and tschra` had a bit of trouble..but me and michelle nailed tha two ?'s haha* Me Of Course I am Britney Spears!
well it was great..my and amy acutally had time too paint our nails too! SLOPPY THO.

3rd- talked to jessie..we have a greta time in their..beau is a trip..yo he is soo funny! we talked to drew i got a lolly-pop from him..he is soo funny he is my home-boy!

4th- had to go to tha office befo i went to dance for some gay reason! then went to dance late me and joanna tried to sleep in tha dressing room but mrs.petro made us get into tha dance room ..soo me and joanan were tlaking tha whole time and we were crakin up bout dumb things..she made fun of my nails! haha* we danced..Ghetto Style as she calls it..lol* then i didnt talk to abby much she was real quite but she looked soo cute and she was all like no i look like a fairy..i cracked up ^..she is a joint fulla' cracks! <-- NO i AM THAT

5th- ran our three laps..which i consider tourcher! and stupidness! b-kause you get hott and yucky! and thats not kool; oh well then i tlaked to will awh- he is soo cute..he is like damn you short and i was like ya i am 4'11 and he is like awh- your soo adorable! haha* yeh right i'ma lil devil ;] RaWr

6th- me and lyndsey cracked up tha whole time..justin came over and sta by us..talked that bout it..i think he didnt wana tlak or he was sleepy..but who noes!?! oh well!

dont hate on amy b-kuase she got ja rule's attention!

ohh well i really have nothing more to say..i'll update lata or sunday or sat.night when i get back form tha keys! yippie!

Luv Always

bye bye* sweets thnx for visting
I Yi Yi`
No Time NO Entry   
02:49pm 18/04/2002
  hey everyone- i noe ya missed me but i been kinda sick and i havent had time to write...well i am feelin a 'lil better but have a huge headache..yuck! oh well..i hate ppl that think they are tha shit right now! ohh yea stay tuned to 105 tonight me.sofi.and brianna are singing a song tonight its gunna be great ;] well today was ohk. had alota fun at lunch(gym) and 3rd pd. w/my Gurl Jess. she is tha greatest..member jes.we hate joiah..haha* oh well me and her are tha bess in tha class..we make that class really cool* she is my gurl! well i might do something w/her ..maybe!?! well i am gunna dip*
luv yas
I Yi Yi`
Testing Kinda   
04:07pm 12/04/2002
Goin to Sofi's House`*
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Jus Droppin In   
03:59pm 12/04/2002
  Happy B-Day Sofi <3* ya  
I Yi Yi`
03:01pm 11/04/2002
  hey guys and girl~ wassup;
well i'll talk more later..i am baby-sitting..today was kinda boring at school ;[ lol* but lu7nch was great..jordan and bt are soo funni* lol lizzie
well i g/g* bye
luv- banna*
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First Entry   
09:13pm 10/04/2002
  hey everyone~!
as you noe or as you dont noe i made a new journal..i still have i_sparkle..but i'll be using this more..ohk.! thnx for those who already liked and commented on my journal..i did it all by myself..i am pr0ud..lol* steffie your Great should i be Lil_Playa.Lil_pimp. ohh Lil_whodi..thats me..ah ha* love yas Babe <3*
well i ma gunna do my user info and all that good stuff whenevr i ahve time i wont be on towmarrow tho.so dont worry it'll get done some time..i am gunna go to bed Luv <3*
bka; Blond Bombshell`*
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