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hey guys+ gals!
well how are you/ hmm i am doin great cpt' for my masive headache! geez louise its pounding! uhh!
well i am listenin to b2k YeS SiReE! well today was funn! umm i had to get pic's of jordan for rosie it was soo funny! and poor baby brianna lost jeff;[ but he was found soon later*ha :o) well umm i am gunna get no sleep my lil sisters friends are all spending tha night tonight! uhhh and geez housefull!
well ummm school was okay! 1st pd i slept! whoa 2nd i slept! and tlaked to amy and michelle and amy wants me to make a sn like LilMa` b-cz she luvv calling ME that! haha its cute! well anyway i think i'll make a AIM one! btu umm 3rd was okay i copied notes for once and turned in a paper on time! wow! 4th pd we had ballet! how much funn!* na-its in 5th i had to run a freggin mile for liek tha fifth millionth time! and 6th i slept* geez louise i was a sleepy girl todya thats for sure! and omg it was soo funny i saw becky and she had my shirt on and i dunno what i was doin but i go nice shirt silly goose and she started cracking up..amy said its b-cz i wasnt with it tha whole day! but who noes!! well i have not much to tlak bout i may go bowling friday w/lizzie! that'll be funn! yea
well i dunno but i am soo ready to go shopping but i dunno b-cz we dont have lots of school left so i guess i could do but i am dying not buyin clothes or shoes! speaking of shoes i am buying two sandals i dont care what anyone says! btu i ahve them in black and they are real chuny w/ tha thong kinda strap* ha(not tha under garments thingy)but i want them in White and Beige so i could wear them w/ my bathing suit and all my cute shorts and everyhting! and i jus luvv shoes! i have soo many cute ones i am soo addicted..i luvv my THUG SHOES alot! and my blck shoes w/ hearts on them! uhh jus adorable! and i rocks b-cz none of my friends can borrow them and have a chance to break them or loose them or whatevr happens b-cz i wear a 4 and 5 and nobody thats my friend has that size cpt' for jessi maybe! haha* well i am gunna go but everyone need to go to bay-oaks next weeknd or tha COOL PPL b-cz me and allison lupski suggested red rover b-cz we are tha worlds greatest and scottie is letting us play* see i am bringing my video camara for that event! well i g/g*
Or Lil Ma`_lol* AMY My Sexy Mami
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