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Hey everyone~! how is everyhting going?
sorry i havent written i ahve been super busy! yeh thats pretty sad not even enough time to ypdate my LJ for a couple of mins. geez louise things Gurls have to do these days huh?
well i hope everyone hads been okay and fine lately!
Pleas post comments in ym LJ that would be lovely!
well today was a great day! b-cz of things that went on yesterday and today ;] well not even goin into yesterday! btu today jessica said Hi to me and i was liek uprised and i said Hi back yanno! and i am soo happy that we acutally tlaked botu everyhting and got what we tho. was i dunno a fight cleared up and tha funny thing was we nevr had a ACTUAL fight..we jus stopped tlaking b-cz i guess tha both of us assumed tha othe one was mad! thats kinda funny now we are all good agian and talking! it makes me happy b-cz jessica is a sweet sweet gurl and we found otu alot bout ecah toher in jus one semester ;] and we had gotten tha closest out of anyone in our 5th pd. and we had fun chillin togehter i mean i consider her one of my very good friends! exp.sinnce we had only met each other in highschool and didnt even noe each other in middle school! i am glad we are friends agian and i ahve her too talk too bout things and she has me! well i g/g*
Chow <3`

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