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hey wassup!?!

its friday already..gezz! well banna* has gotta plan..i am soo bad at this junk* gezz..well i am really hyper Hyper Kitty ha8 well i dunno wha all to say but gezz this weeknd is gunna be GREAT..its gunna be a balst be chillin w/ Gurl Jessie is at tha movies tonight ;] aight she wont be havin as much fun unless i was there we'd be soo Great goin round crakin on ppl and shit~ she is A Great Gurl! me and her have husbands that are bess friends mine is (mannie fresh) and hers is (baby) well even tho. i am inluv w/ my baby Fizz` thats aight! i talked to Stefferz today she is a sweetheart <3* Lil' Whodi
well i guess i could give a daily update thingy!

1st- Umm..watched a video i tlkaed to devon! thats bout it..yupp!

2nd- ah ha* we went to mrs. akinsons room (howevr its spelt) and we played a game me and tschra` had a bit of trouble..but me and michelle nailed tha two ?'s haha* Me Of Course I am Britney Spears!
well it was and amy acutally had time too paint our nails too! SLOPPY THO.

3rd- talked to jessie..we have a greta time in their..beau is a trip..yo he is soo funny! we talked to drew i got a lolly-pop from him..he is soo funny he is my home-boy!

4th- had to go to tha office befo i went to dance for some gay reason! then went to dance late me and joanna tried to sleep in tha dressing room but mrs.petro made us get into tha dance room ..soo me and joanan were tlaking tha whole time and we were crakin up bout dumb things..she made fun of my nails! haha* we danced..Ghetto Style as she calls* then i didnt talk to abby much she was real quite but she looked soo cute and she was all like no i look like a fairy..i cracked up ^..she is a joint fulla' cracks! <-- NO i AM THAT

5th- ran our three laps..which i consider tourcher! and stupidness! b-kause you get hott and yucky! and thats not kool; oh well then i tlaked to will awh- he is soo cute..he is like damn you short and i was like ya i am 4'11 and he is like awh- your soo adorable! haha* yeh right i'ma lil devil ;] RaWr

6th- me and lyndsey cracked up tha whole time..justin came over and sta by us..talked that bout it..i think he didnt wana tlak or he was sleepy..but who noes!?! oh well!

dont hate on amy b-kuase she got ja rule's attention!

ohh well i really have nothing more to say..i'll update lata or sunday or sat.night when i get back form tha keys! yippie!

Luv Always

bye bye* sweets thnx for visting
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