Lil Ma`* (perfectt) wrote,
Lil Ma`*

No Time NO Entry

hey everyone- i noe ya missed me but i been kinda sick and i havent had time to write...well i am feelin a 'lil better but have a huge headache..yuck! oh well..i hate ppl that think they are tha shit right now! ohh yea stay tuned to 105 tonight me.sofi.and brianna are singing a song tonight its gunna be great ;] well today was ohk. had alota fun at lunch(gym) and 3rd pd. w/my Gurl Jess. she is tha greatest..member jes.we hate joiah..haha* oh well me and her are tha bess in tha class..we make that class really cool* she is my gurl! well i might do something w/her ..maybe!?! well i am gunna dip*
luv yas
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